I’ve decided to write a design blog, for three key reasons: to clarify my own thoughts and ideas about contemporary design; to share my ideas with the world and to motivate myself to dig deeper into a field I love. As with many examples writing and broadcasting it is more about the writer’s personal reflection and examining their own ideas rather than selflessly educating everyone else. I do hope others can draw inspiration from what I have to say here, but I must make it clear from the get go this is my space for creating content, reviewing contemporary design and researching the subject.

This is not the first time I’ve made this move, but the difference today is a clearer direction and a blog host that works for me. I’ve grown to like Evernote for my personal notes, so Postach.io is a great host for me as it allows me to work offline and update automatically from my notebook. It doesn’t provide me with the autonomy to customise as much as other hosts like Wordpress, but that’s not what I’m after here.

So what am I after?...

My Blog Manifesto

Subject Matter
This blog will concern itself with three core areas: Design Theory and Philosophy, Design Engineering and Practice and Review and Critique. The table below, which can and will be updated, works as a guide to deepen and clarify these core areas I intend to write about:

Design Theory & Philosophy
Design Engineering & Practice
Review and Critique
Design Process
Book review
Design Thinking
3D Printing
Product Critique
Sustainability: EcoDesign | Ethical Design
Rapid Prototyping
Designer Portfolio Review
Maker Revolution: Craftsmanship | Localisation
Design News
Creativity and Productivity
Design History
Rapid Visualisation: Visual thinking | Design sketching
Contemporary Design
Sharing Other Content
Design Art

The content I intend to create on this platform should be honest, simple, sharable and insightful. Despite being motivated by personal expression and creativity, if this blog can be used by others, designer or not, then I’ll get greater satisfaction from the result. Therefore, the content needs to be meaningful and applicable where possible. To this end I intend to publish under these formats:

Tips and Advice
Creative Exercises
Design News
Subject Review
Book Review

I will tag each post with with its core area, subject matter, content type and other key words associated with the content.

I am not a full time writer, I’m a professional designer. As such I cannot commit many hours to content creation. I will aim to publish something once a week, but please expect there to be productive and unproductive periods.

This blog host does not have a comments section, but please feel free to tweet me @AlexKimber1 with feedback criticism.